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The Forbidden Gap

Could one death be as sure as the step-motherly treatment given to the famous and loyal inhabitants of the border district of Kargil? I suspect! One could hardly believe that an Indian labeled as Kargilites, is refused to be airlifted from Chandigarh to Leh in the Indian Air Force Aircraft along with the “FRESH”(vegetables etc)  supplies while one from Leh enjoy the trip. It is for the information of all the readers that  the residents of Leh enjoy the facilities and felicities of Indian Air Lines, Jet Air, King Fisher and Defense Aircrafts on almost daily routine throughout the year while on the other side the fate stricken poor ones from Kargil live a perilous life  particularly in the sub zero conditions. More awful is the total obliviousness and indifference of our political leaders towards the agonies of the common people. The AN 32 Courier Service for Kargil is transferred in legacy to some High Handed figures and a few party goons.

            Despite every possible services and sacrifices offered by the Kargilites for the security and integrity of the motherland both during war and peace (the whole country testifies), they are looks upon suspiciously only for they belong to a particular creed. To support my stance one can simply calculate the ratio of recruitments made in the Laddakh Scouts, ITBPF, IRP, CRPF and other military and Para military forces. Only recently the Laddakh Scouts conducted recruitment interviews at Zanskar wherein just 04 (four) Muslim candidates from Kargil were admitted against some 150 vacancies. Is it not shocking?

            Since time in memory our people have been demanding surface linkage tube at Zojila Pass which was expected to serve a dual purpose of military strategy and regular surface connectivity but ironically the Government seems to be more particular in providing a rather more cumbersome railway link to Leh District through Manali, instead.

            The ignored land mass is naturally adorned with fascinations like the Suru-Vale, the Sanko-Dale, Nun Kun peaks, Drass Meadows, Apricot Shadows, the unexplored Saliskote valley, lush green Parkachik attractions in the lap of the World famous Parkachik Glaciers, the Horkhar archeological remains at Saliskote, the Karchakhar Monasteries, the Mulbek Statue, the Mushkow valley, Tiger Hill, Tololing and Batalik war fronts, mountaineering sites and expeditious routes, winter skiing, ice hockey, archery, Horse Polo and much more, yet the lion’s shear in the tourism funds is enjoyed by the Leh district.

            The incessant victories of a Muslim representative for the Indian Parliament, despite every possible measure adopted to subdue, challenges the term “LAND OF LAMAS” to be renamed as the “LAND OF AGHAS” instead.

            The transferring of the Defense Air Strip at Leh to the Civil Aviation ministry and handing over of the Civil Airport to the Indian Air Force at Kargil was yet another stamp of discrimination by the govt. 

What is the reward for the loyalty, perseverance, steadfastness of the Muslim populace of Kargil who despite facing austerities in the valley, the only outlet to the rest of country, categorically  rejected the separatists’ idea and kept themselves at bay for the last 20 years of turmoil and unrest over the whole valley? This aprtheidic treatment? We seek justice and fairness with regards Kargilites before we lose the last faith in the Government.

            Not really hyperbolizing, should one else encounter such mal treatment, would result in mass rampage but let me sob for a while. May I now ask the persons at the helm of affairs, whether this forbidden gap of regional discrimination is ever vanquished?   


Mirza Mehdi Saliskote



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Maladies, irrespective of their pathogens, and mode of transmission are curable sooner are latter. Confrontation is the best experince and the past contemporary histories have proved it and Aids is no exception to it for this disorder is too a cause of some tangible agent whether  viral, bacterial or fungal. Scientiest concerned and putting all there efforts and resource to curb the syndrome and with in a couple of decayeds or so the culprit shall be put tothe task.

But i fear a rather more deadly DISORDER more ferocious and sweft in comminication and  quickly infecting which has claimed not only lives but soul as spirits globally and has recently been detected in the Kargil city and its suburbs. Through remaining infected for centuries, the Iranian succeded in purging off the society of this dreaded disease during the 1970`s.All though no specific nomenclature has been coined for it, yet it can be simply called the Homophobia ( Human hating/fearing) or Westophylia (seeking/loving/longing for westren ideology), albeit, within a couple of few years or so, the symptoms of HIV AIDS or conspicuous tough its effects are felt after years and years of its attact. But the symptoms of Homophobia/Westophila, as i could name it, are undetectable for decades together, yet it affects the pation on the day one it is cominicated to.As mentioned affore-time, the syndrome, disease, malady or waht as you may call it, is highly comminicable and hence proliferates exponentially within no time. HIV AIDS attacts the Human immune system disabling it to produce anti bodies  to figth against, while Homophobia Yet again attacts the real immune system (imaan) disabling it to produce antibodies like God fearing (Taqwa) etc. The adoption of western ideology and culture under the veil of so called "Modern Education" by the new generation is the cause, Hollywood effinity is the general mode of communication manifiested by indecency, Fasion,lose of respect towards Human, Mystical and ethical values, Character corruption, Moral Deterioration, covertness, lust-drive, intense attraction towards mundane and Worldly illusion that is materalistic development of the self, lost of Human attributes and obliviousness, as symptoms. Subversion, fornication, theft, dangling, rape, murder etc are it is moral effects. This gnomic syndrome is then promptly transfered to the family members of the ailing one in legact.

This ailment is thought purely incuriable, but natural, if one seeks the succor. Of the Almigthy and succumbs not to the prompting of the damned Devil, is delivered from the agonies of this Disease forever. So take refuge in the Houses of the Prohet  (pbuh) and His infallible progeny to whome the Almigthy has assured of under filent and pity, Or else we shall be lead though a perilous and hard way to eternal torments

‌By: Mirza Mehdi Saliskot

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                     Syed Yassen comments on rechristening   

           Erstwhile Sankoo block and its socio-economic impact

The government order of January 2010 for the creation of the new block “TGS” by bifurcating the existing Sankoo block in the lower suru  valley in kargil distict is welcome. This division is based on the recommendation of the committie constituted by the local administration on the direction of the High court for proper verification in 2009. The committee was asked to look the intrest of all villages, place for headquaters and suggest a name for the block.But the government has taken more than two decades to take this decision. Sankoo was considered the largest block in the region and the state government  in 1980`s  wanted to creat a new block comprising Trespon, Saliskot, Tambis, Gund mangalpore, Kanoor and Minji areas. However due to overwhelming demand of the people the state had decided to set up a block at Saliskot . Since April 1984 , the block under consideration in laddakh affairs department was Saliskot. Meanwhile, Munshi Habbibullah, the then MLA was one of the powerful figuers in the politics of laddakh and the state officials recommended Saliskot as a preferred village for the block.The then chief minister of the state Dr. Farooq Abdullah was also recommended it in september 1984. There were series of documentation for the proposed block at Saliskot. However, in July 1985, then deputy Secretary to Governent has sought comment on the said block. In August 1985, the Deputy Director planning and statics has reffered a letter to the assistant commissioner Development Kargil for the action in the early date on the propsed block headquarters at Saliskot.Following it on the same year, the Assistant Commissioner Development Kargil refferred a letter date 6/8/1985 to district  development kargil and requested of necessary action on the proposed block on the above said name.

 In November 1985, the then deputy director refferred  the letter to Assistant commisioner Development kargil to furnish some necessary information sought for the proposed block. In the December 1985 Assistant  Commissioner kargil has refferred it to then District development commissioner kargil for the openning  of the block head quarter at saliskot , the letter clearly indicate the villages to be included in the block comprising “Minji, Trespone, Saliskote, Lankerchey, Kanoor, Safi and batambis.” Keeping in consideration of all the requirements the letter has sought for the creation of new block at saliskote during 1986-89.

In February 1986, the Document was reffered from the district development commissioner to the Deputy secretary  to  government  (Laddakh Affair Department) Jammu.And April 1988 it was referred  from Deputy Secretary to Government to District Development commissioner for early remarks. The Development Commissioner then referred to the secretary to Government (Laddakh Affairs Department) srinagar for necessary action and has sought for the creation of new block at saliskot during 1988 to 89.

Why Saliskot? It has social, Cultural and economic reasons; First it is a homogenous village, the second is that it is the birth place of leading Ulema Agha Syed Mehdi Mousavi known for His Humanitarian and bold leadership. Before the partition, the officials from the army and locals would often visit the village to meet him. He was the person who protected poor from famines and uncertainties, collected the surplus produces of wealthy and distributed among those who in need. Other leading  Ulema  Agha Syed Jaffar Shah tought Islamic philosophies and thought to various islamic scholars of different places at his residence without the need of luxury building. At present Agha Syed Mohammed Shah first Ulema started Nimaz e Jumma (Friday prays) at Jamia Masjid Kargil Town and later at Jamia Masjid Saliskot, know Qazi(Islamic Jurist).

Besides these factors, the economic reason for the setting of a new block in saliskot was that it has a large geographical area. It has a Sheep farm, JNV, FCI and the District Jail. The quarters for the Block would thus be established without additional financial burden on the Goverment. Like these and many other Historical routes of the village, the block was put in place for approval since 1984, just few years after the creation of Kargil District.

Due to these aspects, it was thought about district headquater to be established at (koti thang) now graveyard at middle of the saliksot village in early 1980`s when kargil was not a separate district. Shiekh Abdullah, the architecture of the development of the state in post partition period  was many times visited the village.

After  the approval of Deputy Secretary to government, then District Development Commissoner Kargil to the secretary to government (Laddakh Affairs Department) during 1988, which has sought the creation of new block during 1988-89, was left unnoticed.

In later year to check the balance of the villages prepared resoulations. During 1988, the representatives of trespone, saliskot, tambis, G.M.Pore and kanoor have finally decided to name the block as “saliskot Trespone” block with head quarter in between “Thangboo saliskot to bus stand marpothang trespone”. However, in 2004 the block was opened at G.M.Pore with the headquater of Rahimthang without noticing the early historical records, interest of other villages, geography and other requirements that created imbalance  among other villages. According to the census 2001, Trespone, Tambis and Saliskote have large population among five villages in the proposed block, Whilegeography and suitable location Trespone and Saliskot is of preferred. The recent committees order for “TGS” block has also lacked some practical implications which indicate the negligence of other villages. If for example “G” was included in the name list then why not another “T” and “K”, while Tambis is second largest populous villages. On the other hand it has under estimated various official documents that indicated Saliskote block until 1988 and in ending 1990`s, it was termed as Saliskot-Trespone block unoffically and there was no other name untile 2004. However, the recent order may be right to some extent and has to be accepted by all villages, because common people have suffered due to these fiuctuating views. Travelling to Sankoo crossing  such a distance is very difficult particularly in winter season which has also lacked transportation.

Meanwhile, the government should initiate working of the block on the proposed site. If any of the villages objects to it, then at the cost of a single villages other villages should not be allowed to suffer and the functioning of the block should not be stopped. If discrepancy still persists, understimating 84 percent population that agreed upon for TGS, one option is to constitute a state level committee to analyze three stages: 1st analyse records since creation of the district (census 1981), Second to consult three villages in this stage like Trespone, Tambis and Saliskot, these are on the basis of population and area and thirdly consult another two villages G.M.Pore and Kanoor to find out their views. All these will find unbiased conculation. However, these process if bound to be time-consuming at the risk of lack of consensus. Hence, the newly proposed block “TGS” should be acceptable to all and be created according to the order so that it will contribute for the socio-economic development of these areas.  


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Role of education in our society

Education is most important Just like air which is important for human being to live in this world. Human beings are like antivirus and education is like the activate agent.which activate and aware a society about themselves and aware them how to protect themselves from harmful things. Society is just like a dark room and education is like a candle for them.

Today every society gets aware about the important of education but it became a threat to the society also. It is right that a candle illuminate a dark room but it can also burn the whole room if it will misuse. Education is like a sword which can protect a human being and even can kill him. Those think about themselves and want to rule they like ignorens, but today is different, and they can`t achieve this way again, so today they are using education for the purpose of their benefit.My last message is to parents to protect thier child from those institution which corrupt the moral of our society.  

Akbar Ali

Graduate from Islamia College Sgr. 


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